While we do not sell insurance, we have heard too many heart breaking stories of damaged, lost or stolen keepsakes. That’s why we recommend getting insurance coverage for your valuable jewelry. Many homeowner’s policies provide some jewelry coverage. We suggest getting a policy with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company. Our store is insured by them and we trust that you will be in good hands with them. They offer $0 deductible policies that cover damage or loss. This policy is not tied to your home, and it goes with you, where ever you are.

Advantages of Jewelers Mutual:

  • Comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that often goes beyond standard homeowners insurance and warranties
  • Worldwide protection against theft, damage, loss and even mysterious disappearance
  • Flexibility to work with your own jeweler; no need for multiple estimates.
  • Licensed agents, GIA Graduate Gemologists and American Gem Society Certified Gemologists on staff, whose passion and specialty is jewelry
  • Personal, professional assistance with every call, question or claim

Coverage includes the following preventative repairs:

  • Prong retipping
  • Repair of broken, worn or bent prongs
  • Clasp replacement
  • Restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands
  • Stone tightening
  • Repair of broken earring posts.


Rates depend on where you live. But for most people, purchasing coverage from Jeweler's Mutual will cost 1-2% of the value of the jewelry.


Visit Jeweler’s Mutual online for a free quote or apply for a policy. Let them know you are with Rosanne’s by using

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